My music

The world of music is my world, my daily reality and my passion. I’m working with it every day and it’s a fascinating journey without the end. It is mostly fun but sometimes it is a very difficult way of searching and creating.

My music is a combination of different styles. I started with writing rock music with Greek texts. Then, there was the band NOE with a funky style which influenced my music further. In recent years I have been primarily looking for the connection between pop-rock and traditional Greek music. The result of this work is the CD ‘This beautiful dream. ”
Now I’m working on a new challenge: I’m trying to find the connection between the sound of Greek music and the character of Dutch language.
Have fun listening to it!!

The term ‘connection’ is a theme that can be found in my compositions. In my repertoire you can find the connection between a variety of Greek music and traditional and modern Greek music. For a few years I also include Dutch-language songs in my repertoire. For me it was a logical step; it makes my music more different and bright.